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IMG_9515A few years ago, Bob needed some parts for the 154 that he used to mow his grass.  After searching unsuccessfully for the parts, he decided to buy an entire 154.  This way, he figured, he could get the parts he needed and have a few spare parts on hand.


That very well could have been the end of the story…but it just so happened that 2 of Bob’s neighbors also had Lo Boys (one a 154, and one a 185).  They, too, needed parts, and they also were unable to find what they needed.  After hearing their stories about searching, Bob was happy to be a good neighbor and let them have the PTO pulley, PTO cam bearings, and steering assembly they needed (while Bob was happy to just give the parts to his neighbors for free, one might say this was “Hamiltonbob’s”  first sale).


So, Bob decided to try to sell some parts on the internet.  He quickly found that he and his neighbors were certainly not the only folks who needed 154/185/184 parts, and a hobby was born.  Bob sold some parts on Ebay, and the money he made paid for the next tractor.  Bob went on like this for a few years, parting the occasional tractor.  As time went on, Bob started selling more parts, and eventually his son-Joe- started helping Bob with some shipping and customer service.


Today, Hamiltonbobs has an inventory of thousands of quality used parts, and, when extremely high quality new parts are available, we offer those, too (we currently offer more than 40 unique new parts!).   “Hamiltonbob” is now regarded as “the name to know” for help and parts for a 154, 185, or 184.

"I really appreciate the super fast shipping. We needed this part! We'll be back! "
- Erb in Idaho

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